08 April 2012

My first song/remix

I have been working on this track for a couple of years and trying to add it as a partial intro to my sets (but with no apparent success). Its basis is an old song by Art of Noise and some of my readers may recognize this song, because it enjoyed some popularity on Turkish TVs during the start of 90s (where privately-owned "colorful" TV programming was the epitome of Turkish Perestroyka, in (still) direct contrast to heavily subsidized and politicized state TV). Many must have thought it was a part of the notorious Turkish Pop Revival but it was recorded in Egypt by Americans.

The track is called "Minarets" and has a very intense Middle Eastern flavor and a solid synth baseline. I also added some jungle tunes (bongo) and low-key claps to get along the Arabic strings that define the cheerful mood of the song.

I am still working on it and will most probably add a new baseline to make it a bit more funky and soulful to suit a climax of a soulful-deep house sets...

I will also ask a couple of remixers to work on this song

Tell me what you think :)

1 comment:

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