29 September 2012

New home for the mixtapes...

We all spend our free time with some kind of nonsense...meet mine:

Long before I decided to divert my DJing career (under the alias Stakhano White) from the smoke filled rooms of Turkish bubblegum music to producing earcandy mixtapes of different kinds of electronic music at the comfort of my homestudio. Sold my analog mixing equipment (with teary eyes) to a southern beach bar (where they will only use the play-pause buttons, leaving the rest of the electronic magic to rust under the constant humidity and frequent vodka spills from their Russian patrons)

I uploaded all my mixtapes (and one bootleg) to a very cool site (click here) where you can listen online via streaming.

If you are too lazy to move on to the site, guys at mixcloud created this gizmo below.

May the force be with you...work hard and earn your retirement...


Brat Ignat said...

Hello Healthy Lion :)

This mix is great and relaxing in same time. Which is the song that starts from 12.00?

Thanks in advance,

The Mountain Wolf.

Dinc Arslan said...

Hello Wolf,

Thanlks for the comment...the playlist is below. The song in question is Cloud (Plastic Plates Remix) by Sia. That remix is awesome by Plastic Plates' standards.

1. Kiss & Tell - Miguel Campbell
2. Diamondback - Sare Havlicek
3. You Make Me Float - Nore En Pure
4. Russian Boat COmmander - Den Haan
5. Cloud (Plastic Plates Remix) - Sia
6. 99 (Dinc Arslan Bassy Edit) - Cassius
7. This Momentary (Intro Synth Cut) - Delphic
8. With You - Flight Facilities
9. Sweet Mornings With You - Scibi
10. Shining (Vocal Mix) - Slideshow Park
11. Tell me Why - Supermode
12. Drop The Pressure (Original Edit) - Mylo
13. Horse Ride - White Noize
14. Pulsar (Recorded from rare LP) - Patrick Remy
15. Dry Martini (feat. Clara Mendez) - Raul Rincon
16. Ai No Corrida - Chez Jankel