28 June 2006

Music List of June 2006

Here are the top 10 songs I've been listening in June 2006

1. La Belle et la Bete - Jean Michel Jarre (from Rarities)
It is a real rarity. It has a glimpse of Equinoxe in the beginning. It echoes about what to come in the future from our sonicgodfather.

2. What a Night! - Georgio Moroder (from E=MC2)
Another psychadelic hit from the 70s. Our italian guru of funk has a collaboration with Harold Faltermeyer (of Axel F) and produced this unbelievably beautiful album of E=MC2.A must listen for all.

3. Turn on - FischerSpooner
It is an old one but has a good synth.

4. Casanova 70 - Air (from Premieres Symptomes)
A recent visit to the temple of Gorbuschka has awarded me a hard-to-find copy of the rare Premieres Symptomes of Air:The French Band. So forget about their goofy Hertz and Walkie Talkie albums and get back to the basics of ear pleasing duo of crystal clear synthesizing and live guitars.

5. Don't Be Light - Air&Cassius Remix (from Everbody Hertz)
A French aid to an already groovy song. Cassius added his well-known bassy touch to the only valid song of the 10,000 Hertz Legend album disaster. Maybe that's why they published a "Everybody Hertz" album afterwards. It worked after all...

6. Sounds Rushing - DJ Tiesto (In Search for Sunrise)
This song has a good vocoding and a nice synthesizer loop. It is both catchy and a classic-to-be. One of the best songs in the Tiesto's last year's tour album. This song sounds better in this album than I heard in Istanbul last year.

7. Club Foot - Kasabian
I thought this group was Armenian; but actually they turned out to be British! They have a new sound of cute brit-rock and some touch of synths.

8. The Soundtrack of Life - Gentle People (The Soundtrack of Life)
How could I have missed this group? Great french ambient/electronic tunes...

9. Live Long - Kings of Convenience (Riot on an Empty Street)
Long sought after voice of Royksopp's Remind Me and Poor Leno,Erlend Oye, has indeed a group and been making great music.

10. Say Say Say - Hi-Tack (Les Rythmes Digitales Remix)
This song is a club hit and the french DJ Les Rythmes Digitales (LRD) made it better. Although this remix is well known in Russian clubs, I have noticed that DJ's tend to avoid LRD remixes (because it may hurt some ears in the clubs hehe)

and I must also add Arcadia by Gabriel&Dresden. I have heard it twice last weekend in Fabrique only. It is a superb crowd pleaser and a good aid to rise&shine through the week.

Stay with Music. Keep on clubbin'

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