11 September 2006

Music List

(I think i am a bit bored by classifying the music and got an idea of looking at the "Top Played" playlist in my IPod.)

When I came to Moscow (in April), I was bedazzled by the cultural activities and concerts. (Although I lived in the cultural capital of the Asia Minor, Istanbul, for 3 years) The difference that struck me was that there was actually everything for every taste. For a listener of Jean Michel Jarre Concerts in Hong Kong (and especially the mind blowing arpediator digital solo), it is somehow hard to find a good music for my taste in this cruelly american globalized post cold war rim of the world. All you can find is cheap replicas of american college teen rock (did you notice that the main bands change every season but the music -even the lyrics- stay the same?) and some glossy over-artificial bombshell divas..Can someone tell me why Britney , used to be a celebrity of virginity, is now posing nude with her unborn child? Anyway, my love for this uncanny country quadrupled after I met this concert poster of "Space" everyday I went to office. Actually, it is a shame on me that I havent listened to them before and i even spared their mp3 cd's at Gorbushka Piracy Central. After I bought the cd, everything changed..this is the music I liked to listen to...and more miraculously it also has a fan base here in Moscow (where some girls even go aestethics to become slavic britneys..yuck!). Maybe it is because it was the one of the few "western" bands to perform in former soviet union. Is it maybe because their music do not have lyrics? ;) no lyrics, no propaganda, no problem...oh how we loved the socialism realm.

So here is the music I listened in August:

1. Symphony - Space & Paris-France Transit (concerts in USSR)
2. Space Dance - Laserdance (good-old synthesizer music id not dead!)
3. Tokyo Babylon - Yuki Saori (notice how she spells the english words :) )
4. Prelude - Safri Duo
5. Chateau - Rob Dougan (Matrix Reloaded OST)
6. Supermoves - Overseer
7. Sua Ko Yuen Won - Teresa Teng (a chinese superstar :) )
8. Magic Fly - Space (insisting on the studio edition)
9. Fasten Seat Belts - Space (Didier Marouani Best Of Edition)
10. Vast Emptiness - Laserdance

Rock'n'Vodka...Long Live Mother Russia!

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