27 October 2006

Halloween? In Russia?

After the initial shock of having business lunches (satirically written as biznes lanch in Russian) or even filthy McDonald's in Moscow, now this city has once again amazed me with the concept of "Halloween". Actually I don't know the background for this, but just a celebration for the fat american kids, begging for candy and the adolescents in costume parties, trying to get laid for the first time.

We have always detested this in Turkey (with all other pre-fabricated all-american nonsense) and even some idiots were organizing halloween parties in Turkey and ended up in lame gatherings with all the boys in ganster and the girls in prostitute costumes (actually they don't need to change their normal dressing for that either, they always wear up like that to partying!)

So I would rather stay here and check the ground zero for the post-soviet history and attend a russian halloween party; but i am leaving today to a nearby town with my favourite squad (Marshal Gogus and Lt.General Refig)

This is not a costume, this is just a normal russian shopkeeper attitude

...but just check out the names of the DJs that are coming to Moscow this weekend! A splendid line-up indeed:


Theme: Pirates of the Caribbean.

DJ Chris Nunez (pictured), will spin.

A priori

Theme: The Addams Family.

Petersburg electronic duo Ronin Beat and resident DJs will spin. Surprises, raffles and gifts for all.


Theme: Halloween: The Da Vinci Code.

DJs Junior Jack and Kid Creme. (WOW!!)


Theme: Pirate’s Party.

Franco-Italian DJ Greg Cerrone will spin. There’s an expanded visual program, and a lot of Russian celebrities have been invited, so First is touting it as one of the five biggest parties of the year.

Gaudi Arena

Theme: Freak International 2.

DJs Marc Almond (from Soft Cell, whose mother is Turkish by the way) and Punk Soundcheck, and Adam Sky will spin, as well as DJ Keoki with his new project, Sex Ferarri.


Theme: Latino Boom Halloween.

Peruvian DJ Victor and Panamanian DJ Juan Carlos will spin. (Beware for fellow Turkish Invaders!!)


Theme: Sin City.

German DJs Syke and Sugarstarr will spin. (WOW!!! 2)

(not) zeppelin

Theme: Space Attack.

Junkie XL and Darren Emerson will spin. (WOW!! 3)


Theme: Night of Flying Daggers.

Ibiza DJ Robbie Rivera will spin, and go-go dancers and strippers will perform.

So make your decision and have fun. Actually I already completed my authentic Waffen SS outfit (authentic helmet, belt, beltbuckle and paratrooper camouflage pants..and that only costed around 600$...God bless Russia!)..that would be a sensation; but also had a risk of being mutilated by some WWII veterans or some f*cked up neo-communist youth on drugs. Anyway, I will be having some quiet time away from the rumble of Moscow for this weekend. See you on Monday for some photos (and videos, I am now working on YouTube'ing)

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