19 October 2006

Hug Me! (...and don't ask why)

Moscow’s Arbat street (Stariy Arbat) was on 3rd October 2006 flooded with hundreds of happy young people embracing each other and the amazed passers-by as the the hippy-style “Hug Me!” flashmob took place.

Participants of the huggers were told to arrive at the beginning of the street at a certain time carrying a sheet of paper saying “Hug Me!” The aim of the action was to brighten up rainy Russian autumn, organizers said.

Participants were warned not to hug anybody who would seem to mind it, and bring IDs with them, but the action went exactly as planned and without any accidents.

"You can hug us both at the same time, stranger"

"Hugs 4 Free"...Neeeeeeext!

"Umm..a second thought..and i decided not to hug you"

Hugging with style

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Pınar D. said...

Hi Dinc,
this is Pinar from Istanbul,
I have read most of your blog today and learned many other things about Moscow. (yesterday angel cards told me that I am in right direction to Moscow and keep going!)

I have choose this post to leave a reply. Take care,