31 October 2006

Humanity Anyone?

Creating a country where everyone is equal has faded into the darkness of the 20th century. Now it is the wild race for personal rich and Moscow is the new battleground for the weapons that has been tested in the west for more than two centuries. Unfortunately, like all the countries that has been blessed with the fairy touch of capitalism, this has created a cast of people having no home, no money and no life in the once capital of the promised land.

As the weather is getting colder, the life for these unfortunate is becoming even harder. It has been a daily routine of noticing these people seeking refuge in the underground passages or the metro itself.

This morning, the police was checking (actually beating) a homeless guy in the passageway near my house. They were shouting for his ID (which they also do if you aren't drunk) and also trying to stay as hygienically away as possible from the stinking old man. There was also an old woman in shabby clothing nearby (Interesting fact that I have seen a lot of homeless "couples") who was crying and saying that he may be dead. The police took no notice and start beating her instead...and a lot of moscovites passed by without a glance at the scenery.

As I have said before; What a glorious end for communism...

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Anonymous said...

i'd just like to say that this isnt a shocking or rare thing in ANY major city, though perhaps Russia is more open about it. This happens everywhere, whether on show or not.