17 October 2006

Invasion Report : CLUB OPERA

Two weeks ago I have conducted a joint operation with my German comrade Mark (Obergefreiter of the 16th Reich in Moscow) to the notorious Opera Club (near Metro Ulitsa 1905 Goda). We have been told that the face control was one of the sickest; but his languistic abilities (he is surprisingly confident in Russian) and ubernordic appearance granted us a passage (How we love to abuse their aptitude in giving way to Europeans and a glimpse of an English) . The club is simply a big hall with a nice design of bar in the middle (and a revolving dance floor with sporadic shows of go-go girls and some breakdance buddies). The crowd is mainly rich russian kids with a flavor of some demi-corrupt expats (and poor invaders like us). Although Chris "2Zero" really liked it (here is a link to his essay on his blog); I think it is just another moscovite nightclub, nothing really unique. Just beware of the pricy cocktails. (Not an endurance drinker myself, I chose to suffice on a single Corona...about 250 R (~9$)...something you could buy for less then a 100R in Propaganda, or 35R in a nearby Produkty)

Field Commander Dinc, Obergefreiter Mark and Nataly.
(Just look at his facial expression: He was really happy!)

Note: Why should we pay for the wardrobe anyway?! This is not Turkey!!!

Here are the details (in Russian)...

Вход: Face control
Музыка: DJ's
Ориентиры: Садовое кольцо
Предварительный заказ: Желателен
Развлечения: Дискотека, Шоу
Расположение: Центр
Специальные: VIP-зал
Кухня: Европейская, Японская
Сумма счета: $100 - .....

Three things you cannot do in Moscow: STAY AT HOME, STAY RICH, STAY SOBER!

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