09 November 2006

Borat: Banned in Russia

The expected response has come from Russia: Borat will not be playing in russian cinemas. Here is the text from regnum.ru:

Sacha Baron Cohen’s film Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan is banned from been shown on Russian screens.

Official Spokesman for the Russian Federal Culture and Cinematography Agency Yuri Vasyuchkov told BBC that his agency did not issue a license for screening the film.

In the film, Kohen presents himself as a Kazakh reporter called Borat. In Borat’s interpretation his “homeland” is presented as a racist, sexist and candidly primitive nation, where violence and incest thrive; cars are moving with the help of horses; anti-Semitic escapades are a traditional national pastime.

But how will they stop people buying it as pirates dvds?? No answer...Anyway I have already bought it for 100R ($3.7) and the film isn't that funny. I suggest that he makes a Bruno film next...I wonder if it will be banned in Austria...FUNKYZEIIIIIIIIIT!!!

Bruno: Spunken withz Dzjermanz, Funkyzeittt!

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