03 November 2006

Borat: Turkish or Not?

I have a couple of questions from friends who have been to Turkey before, about the (so-called) Kazakh character Borat. They say that it is definitely clear that he doesn't look like a Kazakh and looks much more like the turkish sellers or shopkeepers in the south of Turkey.

Borat...or maybe Burak?

Well...that is pretty much true. This fictional character is based on Internet Mahir (unfortunately one of the best known Turkishmen in the world, after Marshal Gogus) although he didn't ever officially admit this.

The Turkish Invasion Army strongly condemn the senseless humiliation of our eternal Kazakh brothers and the glorious nation of Kazakhstan. We decided to make a protest gathering today in Pushkinskaya Metro station by burning up all our Ali G in da House DVDs in the exit.

You can see here a sample of this humiliation. (and it is pretty funny though...)

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Jonny the Monkey said...


Re: Borat
>This fictional character
>is based on Internet Mahir...

Whoah! You might be interested to see this article about Borat and Mahir at ENN ! :)


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