24 November 2006

Demonstrations in Moscow

Today, there was a different kind of demonstration in Moscow (not like the ones we see every week in Pushkinskaya where everyone starts cursing and yelling from their loudspeakers and you can only understand their case by the banners they are carrying)

Two leaders of youth political movements, 23-year-old Ilya Yashin and 24-year-old Maria Gaidar, flew this banner from a bridge in the heart of Moscow for an hour and a half, all the while suspending themselves from ropes at each side of it. The banner is 10 meters long, so aligned as to face the nearby Kremlin, and says, “GIVE PEOPLE BACK THE ELECTIONS, BASTARDS!

Actually they wanted the banner as "TURKISH GO HOME! STAY AWAY FROM OUR WOMEN!"

The policeman tests the ropes...and decides that he must get permission to cut an american made mountainerring rope.

Not every passer-by is happy from the demonstration. That guy seems to be waiting for the demonstrators to come up for a final showdown. "Nobody can curse Putin!"

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