01 November 2006

Good News: Veyron has arrived!

The gloomy winter may have shadowed some aspects of our beloved Moscow (like underdressing and undercrowding) but good news is no rarity in here.

The infamous Bugatti Veyron, supposed to be the most expensive personal vehicle in the world, (after my old and excessively tuned BMW3.18, RIP) has arrived to Moscow for a showcase to the rich.

I wonder whether they will work overtime to supply the excessive demand from the moscovites...because the fellow car enthusiasts are already bored of their Bentleys and Porsches. Actually, there is a dusty Maybach in my street that hasn't moved since 3 months. Maybe it's owner has been rotting with bulletholes in a shallow grave outside the muddy plains in Moscow...

"We are so happy to find people rich enough to buy this stuff. otherwise, Mr.Bugatti would make me eat it."

Question: I think we need a cover for the engine, otherwise it will freeze in here.
Answer: Haha, We already have a cover (for an extra charge. It just costs 4000$).

Shall I but it or not? I think I will go with metro instead...

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