08 November 2006

McRussian Menu

I have to admit that I was one of those ignorants eating in the McDonald's in METU when it stood alone as a pike in the chest of once a nest of socialism. Now that it is long gone from METU and I have realised the mistakes that I have done by eating the worst food on earth (after the Tadjik shaurma-Chicken(?) doner with chopped cabbage, carrot grate and rotten mayonnaise)...

I have mentioned earlier that McDonald's is somehow present in every Metro exit in Moscow. So even if you are lost and cannot ask anyone the whereabouts of Metro, you can try to smell the infamous stench of McDonald's frying oil. It will directly lead to a Metro exit nearby.

I think that McDonald's executives has long been aware of localizing their products to boost their profits (just like McKofte in Turkey or McGrek in Moscow...which are actually the same things just in different sauces); but they have missed a real profit maximiser: McVodka

McRussian Menu: McVodka served with delicious, mouthwatering cucumber pickles (McUcumber)

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