16 November 2006

Memories from St.Petersburg (part 1-Petergof)

When we were in St.Peterburg, our dera friend, host and guide,Burak, took us (me, His Majesty Cagri Gogus and Mr.Refig) to the nearby site called Petergof

Петерго́ф/Petergof (originally Peterhof, Dutch and German for "Peter's Court") is a series of palaces and gardens, laid out on the orders of Peter the Great, and sometimes called the "Russian Versailles". It is located about twenty kilometers west and six kilometers south of St. Petersburg, overlooking the Gulf of Finland. The palace-ensemble along with the city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is one of the must-see locations in/near St.Petersburg and reflects the image of Russia that Peter the Great wanted to transform into...pretty neat. Louis must have been jealous if he had seen that.

Field Commander in Upper Gardens of Petergof

Thinking about a way back to St.Petersburg

Field Commander in the fields

More photos coming soon..

(In Part II: The Hermitage Museum)

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