21 November 2006

Memories from St.Petersburg (part 2)

It is no wonder that the Russians don't like us: we had 11 battles in 300 years (even more than between the French and the British). Not counting the Crimean War where we helped the British and the French to beat them by dying instead of their soldiers; we were usually on the losing side and once, the mighty Russian Army was so close to the capital, Istanbul, that they could smell the foul stench of Bosphorus (maybe that is why they left at all...).

Check out the battle history between the two ,now, friendly nations:

* Russo–Turkish War, 1676–1681
* Russo–Turkish War, 1686–1700
* Russo–Turkish War, 1710–1711
* Russo–Turkish War, 1735–1739
* Russo–Turkish War, 1768–1774
* Russo–Turkish War (1787–1792)
* Russo–Turkish War, 1806–1812
* Russo–Turkish War, 1828–1829
* Russo–Turkish War, 1853–1856 (Crimean War)
* Russo–Turkish War, 1877–1878
* Russo–Turkish War, 1914–1918 (World War I)

While we were in the Museum of Artillery in St.Petersburg, I have seen a painting about one of these battles. The opposing side to the handsome russians is definitely the Turks (it is clear from their fes and thick moustaches). One of these poor guys may be one of our ancestors...

Throwing stones to the Turkish

Field Commander and His Majesty, near a Katyusha Rocket Launcher

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