10 November 2006

Top 10 Music

Some of the comments to my "Top 10 Films"have been rather critisizing and some asked about my "Top 10 Music" so that they can stamp my tastes as "total tedium". So after a sleepless night of Russian TV soap opera and 2 CDs of Chris Spheeris, I got up with a list in my mind...

1. If I Ever Feel Better by Phoenix (Album: United)
2. Arpegiator by Jean Michel Jarre (Album: Concerts en Chine)
3. Oxygene 12 by Jean Michel Jarre (Album: Oxygene 7-13)
4. Smooth by IIO (Album: Poetica)
5. Insomnia by Faithless (Album: Reverence)
6. Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber
7. The Box by Orbital (Album:In Sides)
8. Destitute Illusions by Jamiroquai (Album: Synkronized)
9. Something About Us by Daft Punk (Album: Discovery)
10. Feel Good by Phats'n'Small (Album: Now Phat's What I Small Music)

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