21 December 2006

Kill Marks on Ladas

It was a cool custom for the fighter plane aces to mark their kills in aerial combat on the hull of their planes during the both World Wars. Below is an american WW2 figter pilot with a number of hits...

Now, this custom is back! You can see some Ladas on Russian streets with such side decals.

Here is an interpretation of this car's history:

-Hit two tractors while bypassing a traffic jam through a sunflower field in Astrahan.
-Crushed a gazelle to pieces near the forest of Brest.
-Drove four times through the Transsiberian Railroad (while there was a rallying train on it)
-Ran upon three bicyclists in Saratov
-Pierced two buses in St.Petersburg

So it is much more easier to learn about the car's killing history before buying a second hand Lada (Note that every Lada is produced as Second Hand..so that nobody is driving a new car! A cool way to assess equality among the soviet nation)

It is also useful to show how fierce and bloody your driving skills are...

(Thanks to EnglishRussia for inspiration)


Infidel said...

Dinc, I can't tell if you are being sarcastic or if this story is actually true. If this is the accident history of the car, I must say this guy is really proud of it. Maybe he is just showing off how good the Lada looks despite the many accidents.... Great pic though...

Field Commander Dinc Arslan said...

Of course Iam somehow sarcastic...I just found this pic on th net. But I have seena lot of mad drivers with Ladas like that..