12 December 2006

Latest News from the Mother Russia

According to the most trusted news source in the post-soviet realm, The Pravda (which is now printed rhetorically as PravDA!), a former cattle breeder got drunk and performed a 'circumcision' on his three sons using a pair of shears normally used for removing wool from sheep. Three boys in their early teens were slightly injured and suffered a psychological trauma after their father used such a barbarous method for making 'real men' of them..

The Russian Shears or The Eunuchmaker

Now let's see some historical facts about Circumsicion in Soviet Russia:

Soviet government once gave lessons to those who wanted to become a Master Soviet Circumsizer

This is the Soviet "Skambankt Medal" awarded to Heroes of Socialist Circumsicion. Notice the "crying man" artwork and don't ask what Skambankt means (It is quasi-slavic name for the residual tissue after the process)

Yelena Kubanovna, Hero of Socialist Circumsicion. She singlehandedly circumsized 45 fascist invaders in her village of Preptyakovsk in Western Belarus in 1942.

(read the true story in here)

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