08 December 2006

Metro Posters...

I agree that I am totally freaked out with Moscow Metro. It is just like being married...You can't do with or without it. It is an elegantly designed, efficient and a cheap way to travel around but it is also dirty, smelling and overcrowded.

The scenes that I am used to seeing every morning is a herd of people crammed in a train and not all of them are so polite; but hey! I am not in Switzerland or Norway...it is Russia. I think I am sometimes wrong about critisizing them; they also want to get out of the stinking trains as much as I do...

This may got the interest of the Metro Advertising Agency (if any) and they made some posters with gorgeous models dressed as Metro workers.

"SMILE COMRADES! You are riding the most efficient transport system in the Warshaw Pact"

"Please use the correct escalator: use an up-escalator when going upstairs to the exit."

...and here is an ordinary moscow metro worker:

Working 24h a day to keep the system cleaner, but better don't forget to wash your hands!


Sean Guillory said...

I wished the metro ladies looked like their facsimiles on the ads. I don't think the metro is as dirty as you claim. Granted I wouldn't eat off the floor. But it's not the metro that's dirty and stinky. It's the passengers!

My least favorite aspect of the metro is the death perekhod from okhotnyi rad to teatralnaya. That low grade uphill walk is a drunk killer. The screeching of the car wheels can also grate at the ears.

But I love what friends and I call the "fake perekhod" at Kitai gorod where orange to purple line intersect.

Field Commander Dinc Arslan said...

I never used that perekhod..I will check it today..Let's see it is a real "drunk killer"

Anonymous said...

Would you like to credit some of your photos to snowsquare!?

Field Commander Dinc Arslan said...

Yes, you are right. The first two belongs to snowsquare...Also the fortochka photo is his