12 January 2007

USSR Again?

"...Former republics of the collapsed Soviet Union could close the ranks and form a single bloc with Russia. This scenario will become probable if the crude prices soar to $150/bbl, the World Economic Forum (WEF) signaled in the report on the 2007 global risks..."

They claim that Russia may establish alliance with republics of former Soviet Union with the greatest shortage of energy, including, first of all, Uzbekistan, Armenia and other poor ex-soviet states (who were better off when they weren't independent). It is still congruent to my neighbor's claims about the re-assembly of USSR after a brief period of re-organization and elimination of stagnant nations and republics (Georgia, Moldovia..and maybe Ukraine?) He actually foresaw all the things to come about these republics and Russia. But he (and many other) mustn't have thought about a dispute between two allied states, Belarus and Russia. I think there is more to come..let's wait and see.

Another interesting point in the WEF report is about Venezuela, Bolivia and a number of poorest nations of Latin America setting up a political bloc against All-American interests. So we may expect another Freedom-To-Iraq like operation. I am excited to hear about their would-be claims; Biological weapons in Bolivia? Intenational terrorism in Panama? or The Human Rights Violations of the Gagoadu Indians in Venezuela?...noone knows the next chapter yet.

You can check WEF's site for more forecasts about the global risks.


Sadettin Koçak said...

What about being in that alliance as Turkey?

We have gained nothing bu problems with our past and present alliances wit the US and EU.

Field Commander Dinc Arslan said...

In my opinion, that would be great (but would be over utopian wish..); Turkey currently has nothing to offer to an alliance of oppressed-but-oil-rich countries but its soil for the trespassing oil pipelines. That would still make a us an ordinary team in their league. So we'd deflect from one to another alliance that would exploit us...nothing would change. We should extract our key competencies and focus on them.