14 February 2007

Valentine's Day in Moscow

I am terribly disgusted to see another western import (after McDonalds and BigBrother on TV) to this land, once pure and free of all evil capitalist inventions.
Valentine's Day is an unarguably a capitalist invention to increase consumption. The evil capitalist minds have always found the weak spots in the human behaviour and exploit it to the end. Like Mother's Day, Father's Day (and even birthdays), the so-called Lover's Day is told to be originated from a Roman monk who helped to establish a connection between the lonely soldiers in garrisons and their lovers in Rome (Boring detail: No soldier from the legions was allowed in Rome, unless they are discharged and/or coming back from a victory with loads of loot). So he has become a symbol (and a saint) of the eternal connection of love and so on...

But it is total nonsense! it just makes you buy presents, flowers (whose prices somehow skyrocket on every 14th February), heart-shaped chocolates and a fancy dinner (if you can afford). Anyway, the more I oppose this, the more I sound like a boring, old and a unromantic man (hence everybody knows that I am just the opposite, I guess)...this is another conspiracy by the evil capitalists: Create dilemmas and bring solutions by selling more and more (like they did in FastFood and Gym Vicious Cycle: You eat more fast-food-because it is fancy-, get fat and then you go to gym to lose weight -because it is more fancier to be slim-, and then they make fast-food more interesting and desirable, you go-eat-get fat, and then you go to gym again..it goes on like this. No wonder that the fast-food chains and gynms are owned by the same people). The end of good-old world as we know it.

Let me go to Krasniy Kub for a present (to whom i suppose?...)

Uncle Lenin is always present to listen to our cries as lonelyhearts in Moscow on Valentine's Day

Here is the Soviet Lovers Statue. Bring your hammer and sickle and join the celebrations. Try to hurt each other.

Photo1: From Englishrussia.com


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