09 March 2007

8th March is (not yet) over!

8th March was widely celebrated throughout Russia by all Russian women and enthusiastically sought after by the flowersellers and perfume/small gift shops. Since it was a public holiday, I had a chance to buy a new digital camera and see Moscow in a daylight in a weekday. The Metro was crammed with flower bearing women and their sweethearts (with empty pockets, since today is considered a more romantic day (than the prefabricated Valentine's Day)). Even the toughest feminists are said to be expecting some improvised flowers and gifts...

The funny thing was that the more command I have over Russian, the more I dwell with sellers or random people on the street (Actually I don't need Russian for the sellers since most of them are Azerbaijanians and we somehow speak the same language, but in fantastically different dialects). One of the sellers (who happen to had her full teeth clad in glittering gold) jumped on me to sell some flowers (which actually looked like being readily torn apart from a public garden). She told me that they are the "cheapest flowers" available. I told her that they definitely "look" like that and my accent gave way to a familiar on-the-spot conversation: She displayed an artificial joy after learning that I come from Turkey (the motherland) and curiously wondered why I am not carrying any flowers (since every male organism on the street were either carrying or selling one). I had to answer with my eyes closed (because the glare from her teeth was unbearable) that I have no intention to carry flowers in the overcrowded gorbushka market...well she still insisted and make an enormous discount of %90 percent (which makes the bouqet's price hardly equivalent to a rose in an off-season). I bought and inevitably lost off the colourful parts in the crowded maze of the electronic market. All I had in the exit was some green stems and a new Cybershot t50 (of which you will see some results soon)

So it was a holiday for remembering how hard the women are doing their best for us, the ignorant and insensible men...I was bedridden at home so couldn't check how Russian women celebrated that but not all of them seemed to call a day off this morning. I could see a lot of vomiting and dangling drunk women in the courtyard of a nearby cafe (which also usually happens to me last refuge after a hard night out) and surprised to see that a lot of them were office-type girls (today is officially not a holiday...they must be thibnking of a reason for their furious bosses)

"8th march is over...Back to work, Comrade Women!"

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