26 March 2007

Moscow Nights on Fire?

After a series of catastrophies that included a methane blow in a mine and a fire that blazed more than 60 senior citizens in a retirement home, Muscovites woke to another disater on Sunday morning.

911 VIP, an expensive strip club chain, on Malaya Dmitrovka (near Lenkom Theatre) was on fire and 10 people died (including 4 strippers) in the resulting turmoil. It is reported that the fire is caused by a drunk barman (as far as i know, all barmen are drunk) who set himself on fire to entertain the guests. I think the guests were more to be entertained by another attraction on stage, so he may have wanted to divert the attention from naked woman to himself...he is supposedly unsuccessful.

Another interesting fact is thet the club is near my gym and since I usually go after work and get out of there at late hours, I happened to see the strippers and early customers going to the club at 11 pm. Maybe some of those I saw are dead...tragic

They carried bodybags through the door that I passed 4 times a week to gym.

Photo: The Moscow Times

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The "F" man said...

Let the strippers rest in peace..heaven always holds a place for them.