26 March 2007

Scenes from Moscow (Part 1)

This Sunday I took a walk through the Byelorusskaya Region. I went to the annual flea-market and bought a small metal replica of родина мать (Mother Russia) statue in Volgograd. Here are some regular scenes through my way to the market.

Only Russians can sit in this unbearably uncomfortable position (and drink beer on a Sunday morning)

Nobody even paid attention to this man, who made some terrible noise while trying to crawl through the street

Emancipation in Metro Byelorusskaya

An overview of organised retail in Russia (do your shopping in Ramstore and contribute to our paychecks..thank you in advance)

This is a live evidence of Turkish Invasion! Now all street signs are written bilingually ("Wet Paint" in Turkish & Russian)

This is how we are supposed to buy fruits and vegetables...really shappy and depressing, compared to our extravagant and glamorous way of grocery shopping in Turkey.

Endless rows of Soviet Buildings....it is unbeliavable that a 1-room flat is no less than 1500$/month in this shabby pile of concrete.

You can see more photos in my Flickr album.

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The "F" man said...

Yo! Dinc...still prowling thru? Why don't u write somethin about the clubs? We rather meet there...