22 March 2007

Turkish Invasion Alert!

This weekend you will have a chance to see, meet (and hate) a lot of Turkish guys in Moscow. It is the annual "Operation White Meat: Assault to Moscow" or MITT (Moscow International Tourism Fair) as the foreigners and sensible people call it...

Since Turkey has a considerable share in Russian Tourism, by supplying the cheapest prices for the cheapest food and drinks (in all-you-can-consume mode), a lot of Turkish tourism agencies and representatives will be flocking into Moscow. Apart from showcasing their cheaper prices and gigantic concrete hotels (built in resemblance to Kremlin to attract Russian tourists), they will be tasting the delights that Moscow can offer to small-time visitors.

A lot of atrocities are to happen in casinos, night-clubs and strip clubs. I have also heard that the saunas have already quadrupled their prices for this weekend. (Reminding that a Sauna in Moscow doesn't "really" have to mean a place for health recovery...it is just another sick playground to quench humanly desires)

So my advise is to stay away from all mainstream night clubs...I will be listening to a classical music concert this weekend(the best bombshelter to hide from the Turkish Invasion)

Note: Turkish Invasion supports Turkish Tourism. Visit Turkey! Come for the food and stay for the boys...

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