16 April 2007

Scenes from Moscow (Part 2)

As the weather gets more sunny and the life comes closer to bearable in Moscow, I have made a small tour to my neighboring museum (Museum of Modern History of Russia) and Gorbushka Electronics Market on Sunday. Here are some photos of this small journey

The museum is right on the Tverskaya Ulitsa (facing the temple of junk food, TGI Fridays)

Memorabilia from the 70's, When americans were still afraid of a Soviet invasion

The Soviet Space Shuttle: Buran (noticed the similarity between the american ones?)

You can actually walk on the WW2 Soviet battlemaps

A metal replica of the famous sculpture "Worker and Collective Farmwoman" (Used to be on the entrance to VDNKh and a logo for MOSFilm)

Tverskaya Ulitsa on Sunday morning. The parade of the most expensive automotive is about to begin soon and the air quality equals post-Chernobyl west Ukraine.

Entrance to Tverskaya Metro Station near the Benetton Store. The girl in green (on the right) was distributing free samples of a chewing gum and the couple who asked (and took) handloads of gum was Turkish.

The Bolshoy Theatre is slowly undressing from its renovation. Notice the Karl Marx statue and the Turkey advertisement up on the Theatre. We are everywhere!!!

The Post Office building on Tverskaya (on Gazetniy Pereulok). It was a jewel of communist communication; but now it houses more capitalist foundations than the Empire State in New York. I have even been to a stylist's studio there (don't ask why)

This is the closest I could get to OMOH (Special Police Unit, rumored to have a license to kill). They haven't killed anyone yet; but have beaten the hell out of the people who protested Putin on Saturday.

Bueno Vista Social Club in Moscow. The Old Communists were making press release near Red Square and the only people listening are old communists and tourists who cannot understand Russian. (Actually, an old lady was talking about how Yeltsin stole her pension..and so on)

The beautiful facade of a hotel near Red Square

The all-crowded hall of Kievskaya Metro Station (My No 1 in Moscow)

The fading statues of Ploschad Revolutsii (Revolution Square) Metro Station (My No 2 in Moscow). The communist agrarian snifss a bunch of rye: The smell of communist agriculture!

Gorbushka Electronics Market (near Bagrationovskaya Metro Station). The sole responsible of why I cannot save any money in Moscow. (Save the nightlife, of course)

Inside the Gorbushka. You always regret you didn't see all the stores, but it is nearly 3000 stores in this place...and the price is always negotiable (in russian style))

The way back home in Metro...passangers try to ignore each other (and the smell inside the train) Especially the trains running on this (Blue) line has an interesting floor covering of rotting beer and vomit.

You can find more photos in my Flickr album

Note: Turkish Invasion is not anti-communist. It just doesn't like the losers.

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