29 May 2007

Parades in Moscow

Once dad told me that the Russian boulevards were built wide enough to house a cavalry regiment charging the protestors. Tsar had a lot of dissidents killed or decapitated on those streets but soviet counterparts used the KGB instead. The protestors were liquidated before they even set foot to assemble on a boulevard.

Why bother to protest?

There wasn't any protest since the fall of communism maybe because people had better cared for their basic survival; but 10 years later they didn't even care about it since they were rushing to buy the newest collection of Dolce&Gabbana. That is basicly why I had come to a raw conclusion that everybody in Russia was happy about the current situation (or too drunk to be sad about it). Like with my every solid conclusion about Russia, I was wrong again. Some people who had a rather interesting name of "Dissenters" had a dress rehearsal of a protest march in St.Petersburg and had a considerably funny media coverage when they had a good-old beating from the Russian Riot Police (or OMOH/OMON as we call and respect them). One of their leaders was Gary Kasparov (one of the most famous chess players who had his fame by beating a computer named Deep Blue...so gay) They wanted to tell the World about how brutal and anti-democratic the Putin administration is. Personally I don't think that a normal, decent Russian citizen ever cared about those dissenters but it was a colorful show to the "Free" World that some opposition to Putin ever existed inside the borders of Russia. (It is not hard to guess the grinning faces in Washington DC)

OMOH Riot Police in their signature blue camouflage uniforms...FEAR THEM!

Although my daily appetite of Russian language includes a healthy dose of Russian News on Perviy/First Kanal, (that symphatetically resembles our beloved TRT1 /Turkish First Channel, which has maybe more facilities and features than Universal Studios but has the most boring schedule on Earth.) I have missed the protests in St.Petersburg, until I noticed a pirate sticker in a metro train "Piter (St.Petersburg) did it, SO WE CAN!". It is basically a roll call for all the dissenters in the capital to gather up a bigger and better march in Moscow. They definitely overshadowed St.Peterburg to the extent of the beating they suffered that day. I think it is madness to protest on the streets of a country which has a "Riot Police". (It is rumored that they have a license to kill 6 people without being supjected to any legal charges)

"Gay parade?"...is this a joke?

So life went on the glittering streets of Moscow without any disturbance of the ultra-minority of dissenters and the happy and rich Moscovites continued their MTV-ish life...until another ultra minority of people who call themselves homosexuals (Are there any gays in Moscow???) wanted to make a protest march in the very heart of Moscow. Lujkov, the uber-mayor of Moscow who maybe has more power than the president of Finland, instantly condemned them as an axis of evil (This is how Russia has progressed: 20 years ago the capitalists was on the origin of that axis..and now it is the harmless homosexuals) and didn't let a permission for a march. The protestors definitely realised that an illegal march would definitely end up in a world class boxing match with the OMOH, stepped back and waited for a better time to strike back.

The multicolored banner in Moscow streets, the armageddon is near...

Although I haven't any more-than-friendly relationship with a homosexual, I know that they don't share the happy life of their counterparts in Europe (especially Holland). One of those guys told me that Russia is the most homophobic country in the World and especially they are constantly harrassed by the Orthodox Church and the Babushkas/Old Women (maybe the most dangerous and acting militia in the world. They constantly train in the Metro, pushing and kicking passengers). In a country where the broken demographics don't always favor the men, the girls can happily walk around hand-in-hand but two guys in a similar pose would definitely end up in an unhappy conversation.

Redefining the Russian Homophobism...a medal for each gay butt kicked.

So they waited in the shadows for some time and stroke back with a march last week. Although those marches take place on Tverskaya Street, a "few" steps from my house, I never cared to go out and watch when an OMOH police asked me "if i wanted to die" (I was actually just passing by and didn't have any idea about the presence of a ultra-nationalistic rally...I must have guessed since there was more Russian soldiers on Tverskaya that they had sent to Budapest Uprising in 1956) The "Gay Parade" sure ended up in a beating and arrests. It was a small step for Russian Homosexualism but a big step for...Well...("why do they even care to show up themselves? Let them kiss each other in Propaganda Club on Sundays" added an old american friend...Greetings Jack!)

Members of the Russian Desperate Housewives Association: "We want our men back!!!"

Note: Turkish Invasion is not homophobic or supporting homosexualism. Dinc thinks that it will be a painful and a prolonged social suicide to be a gay in Russia.

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