22 June 2007

Why Russian men die?

The probable answers can be chosen among the nuclear particles in moscowite air (that are visible at sunset), the tapwater with heavy metals, the space age safety standarts of Lada vehicles, Russian women or alcoholism. The latter sounds more accustomed but it has been recently reported that more than half of the deaths in Russia is caused by the over-consumption of chemicals (anti-freeze, lavatory cleaners and even perfumes) to substitute alcohol.

Boring Information: In Russia per 100,000 people, 32 die by suicide, 29 die by alcohol poisoning and 25 are murdered. For the ones who hate numbers and statistics (and the people who use them), it means that there are more alcohol poisoning than murders in Russia. It is also interesting that there are a lot of suicides; what better life exists other than in Mother Russia?!

Note: Turkish Invasion is against ensurance drinking. Vodka can be more useful for hand hygiene and a good cure for flakes.

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Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

Time for Turkey's EFFES to go Russia...))
Is there no cheap Heineken peewater available..))
Heineken can even not make it in Turkey!
Viva EFES Extra..))