25 September 2007

Another myth about Moscow

Yesterday I had a chance to have a long ride through the Metro and checked if the myth that the speaker system in the trains (that inform the passangers about the arrived station and the next station ahead..and also kindly request them to be nice to each other) use a woman voice for the directions away from the center (or "your wife calling you home") and a male voice for the directions toward the center (or "your boss calling you to office"). It is actually true!

My ride started from Prajskaya and ended in Mendeleevskaya (both on the gray line - south to north for ~30 minutes)

I have got in the train at Prajskaya station (Gray line -south) and there was a male voice. The system changed in a central station (Chekovskaya) to a female. My boss called me to the center and now it was my wife calling me back.

So here goes my love & hate relationship with the Metro...

Hail for Our Great Stalin! who made it possible for the communists to conquer the underworld!

The jewel of every proletarian city - METRO!
Only capitalist pigs have reasons to be late for work, whereas proletarian stakhanovites ride bullet-fast trains to their workplaces.

There is even a cigarette brand called "METRO"...but it is an American Blend..Hurray for the post-soviet irony!

Note: Here is an old publication about Moscow Metro (for the ones interested in Soviet heritage)

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