29 October 2007

Miss Russia 2007

The last time I blogged something about the Miss Russia, there has been a flood of visitors to my site. (yes, I am using Google Analytics and know where you are stalking my site from...) So I have decided not only to drive my site stats into hyperdrive but also quench the thirst of requests about Russian women photos on my blog, which I deliberately don't usually post, not to cause any depressions among non-russia residents.

Every year Russia makes a real hard decision ,of course not about the nuclear warheads or about leaking power plants but, to select the most beautiful girl in a country where "ugly" isn't a term used for women and "beautiful" has ceased to be a compliment.

Ready for the jury

This year, Natalya Andreeva, a 23 year-old Moscowite, is Miss Russia 2007. I don't want to give hints about my preferences but I can say that a lot of my buddies are discontent about the decision.

Let's see the "most" beautiful girls in Russia:

MISS RUSSIA 2007, Natalya Andreeva from Moscow, 23 Years-old and 175cm (98-60-90)...is she really Russian?

THE FIRST BEAUTY OF RUSSIA (It really sounds communist, right?) Valentina Kojevnikova from Petrozavodsk, 20 years-old and 170cm (84-62-91) ...the eyes must have won her the title, the eyeeeees, eyeeeeezzzzz...

SECOND BEAUTY OF RUSSIA, Irina Smirnova from Sochi, 18 years-old and 173 cm (88-63-93) ...from Sochi, where the Black Sea meets the sun and the million dollars of olympic funds for 2014

THIRD BEAUTY OF RUSSIA, Yekaterina Rusapova from Kirovskiy Region, 18 years-old and 177cm (90-60-90)

YOUTH BEAUTY OF RUSSIA, Margarita Tsarikina from Volgograd, 17 years-old and 178cm (86-62-89) ...just 17 years and already taller then the 97% of Turkey. Hail the genetics!

THE MOST SYMPATHETIC BEAUTY OF RUSSIA, Olga Tsyganova from Moscow, 22 years-old and 172cm (93-63-94) ...sympathetic beauty of an un-sympathetic nation

The most beautiful girls in Mother Russia...girls definitely look worse under the heavy make-up

...and more from the event.

The Miss Russia Organization donates 1 ruble for a hungry child in Russia for every sms vote...I actually couldn't find anything else to write under this weird photo.

Girls presented their local costumes on the catwalk..and you thought that a bikini is Russia's national costume??

Some costumes reflect the asian side of Russia...

These are the guys in the jury...no wonder their verdict is affected by their sick post-80s style. (Modern Talking hair with moustache and the full mouth posing)

Note: All photos from Komsomolskaya Pravda.

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