20 November 2007

House parties in Moscow

Normally, I don't really have a lot to say about Moscow Nightlife and try to keep my blog to a social-satirical level like a beginner's guide to Moscow and Russia in general.

Every city has its own nightlife and I had opportunities to check a lot of different types in different cities. I will not blubber here by saying that Moscow is the best but can say that it is the most active. What I mean by that is, a well-equipped, hard cashed and Red Bulled clubber can start the trip by 9 pm to 12 am without any interruption in music and fun.

I admit that I had experienced such kinds of half-day trips during the first weeks of my existence in the capital of evil but now (as all normal moscowites or all normal people) keep clubbing to a minimum and enjoy hand picked concerts or dj's. Not because I have grown old but this sub-world called Nightlife is nothing but a glamorous repetition of itself and it has become more boring than a Calculus lesson on a friday evening. Even the faces in the clubs and music
becomes familiar and uninteresting. It once seemed to me that some of these people just live in these clubs and go home for sleep or refreshing their intake of illegal chemicals that keep them there for such a long time. (Even Red Bull doesn't help those losers)

A couple of months ago, I was invited to a House Party (which was generously called "Labelfucker") by my then-virtual friend Chris. As a Turkish guy for whom rejection from clubs or any social environment is a sad destiny (not for me but for all Turkish boys who are single but dumb enough to try to get in), house parties were our resistance to lame Turkish nightlife (where people gather in air-tight basements, drink over-priced and over-watered drinks and listen to depressing songs by gay singers in shiny costumes...the worst part of this is that everyone of them are bloody bored but feel obliged to show that they are having the time of their lives). We gathered in a new flat each time and socialize without being forced to listen to gay singers...and it was good.

Labelfucker Party was the best I had ever been in Moscow and there gathered a selected crowd of expats and Russians (not the jolly good New Russians or oligarch kids) so I offered Chris a hand in the next party and the rest is history.

The next party (which I called it Episode II: Attack of the Labelfuckers) was a hit and we had hundreds of friends and guests in Jerome's apartment in Frunzenskaya. I organised a part of the sponsorhip and styaed in the bar for some time. (I have to admit that being a barman is one of the hardest things and not enjoyable as it seems) Unfortunately there was a police raid and everybody ran home or to a club.

I am now proud to announce the next Labelfucker Party (Episode III: Revenge of the Labelfuckers) on 30th November. This time it will be in a loft, away from Russian Police, Red Army and Oligarchs. Just good friends, good drinks, good music and a lot of suprises. The location is (as usual) secret and only guests and their friends will be allowed in.

If I haven't already sent you an invitation (or Chris did) over facebook or ASW, please feel free to send me an email at dincsemail@gmail.com and you will get an invitation (hopefully)

Check my blog, Chris' and our website for more details and photos.


Hans said...

are you serious or just ironical?

Dinc Arslan said...

I am always ironical in a serious way