03 June 2008

Kiev...then and now

I have been taking a load of photos recently and with pure luck I have nearly taken a contemporary version of an old postcard of Kiev. Check it out...

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Anonymous said...

Hello. Thanks for your interesting site. A lot of recognisable items about life in Moscow and Kiev. However since you are so harsh on Moscow and the Soviet-Union I think you should also criticise your homsecountry. I've been in Istanbul and it's at least as filthy as Moscow, if not more, and people are not smiling either, especially not to foreigners. Also Istanbul citizens like to cheat, more than Russians do. (I know Istanbul isn't Turkey, but Moscow certainly isn't Russia either as you know). And I didn't even mention the streetchildren. All in all Istanbul is a beautiful city, but it's not the smooth West either.

anyway, tesekur ederim for the nice site and keep up the good work.