28 July 2008

Miss Russia 2008

Some posts have become a tradition on this blog and Miss Russia is one of them. This year the second most anticipated contest in Russia (the first one is the Most Radioactive Cities contest), Miss Russia 2008 (or National Beauty Contest as they call it) was held in the city of Petrozavodsk in The Karelian Republic (a mostly forested land through the border to Finland). Boring Information: The name Petrozavodsk comes from Petrovsky Zavod (something like Peter's Factory) in reference to the iron foundries founded by Peter the Great to supply the new Baltic fleet with cannons. The city evolved upon those factories and became a prominent settlement in the North.

So here are the winners...

The winners of the National Beauty Contest

Introducing Miss Russia 2008...Sofiya Larina from Siberia...you must be joking

Ekaterina Kopylova, the 1st Runner Up from Tver (Mid-Russia)

Janna Vlasyevskaya, The 2nd Runner Up from Kemerovo (deep down Siberia)

Anna Vishnevskaya, The 3rd Runner Up from St.Petersburg

For more photos and nudity go to Lenta website.

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