15 July 2008


La Russophobe has posted an article to compare Brezhnev and Putin era policies and the similarities.

Introducing Leonid Brezhnev, one of the most powerful people on earth for 15 years...

"Respect for the cadres!"

Boring Information: One can think up the USSR History in five parts as: Revolution and Civil War (1917-1927), Stalin Years (1927-1953), Khrushchev Thaw (1953-1970s), Brezhnev Stagnation (mid 1970s - 1985), Perestorika (1985-1991). In the period called Stagnation (means small or no economic growth), Soviet Union faced a socio-economic slowdown during the reign of Leonid Brezhnev, where . Perestroika (Re-constructing) was a policy spearheaded by Gorbachev to find a solution to the countries problems created during the Stagnation years (which of course led to the dissolution of the union)

Here is a famous joke from those times: "Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev and Brezhnev are all traveling together in a railway carriage. Unexpectedly the train stops. Lenin suggests: 'Perhaps, we should call a subbotnik (a worker/peasant who volunteers to work extra hours on weekends for the good of Socialism), so that workers and peasants fix the problem.' Stalin says 'We should execute the driver as anti-communist propagandist wrecker'. But the train doesn't start moving. Khrushchev then suggests, 'Let's take the rails behind the train and use them to construct the tracks in the front.' But it still doesn't move. Brezhnev then says, 'Comrades, Comrades, let's draw the curtains off, turn on the gramophone and pretend we're moving!'"

...and I would add that the Gorbachev would say "Dear Comrades, I am so sorry to interrupt but I have to tell you that we are actually trying to travel on tracks made of butter and we are feeding nuclear fuel to a locomotive designed in 1920s to work on horse manure"

"Comrades! with your communist labour and effort we will outrun American Space Program"
(someone whispering) "But...Comrade Chairman...this is a nail polish factory"
"Then..mmm..Comrades! with your communist labour and effort we will outrun American Nail Polish Program"

Another Boring Information: The city of Naberezhnie Chelny in Tatarstan used to be called Brezhnev during 1982 to 1988...


Peter Coates (photo is Errol Flynn ;) said...

I understand the wives of old Sov leaders, like Brezhnev, weighed in at around 20 stone (130kg). No wonder he had an eye for hot comrade-chicks.

Ulas Ergin said...

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