14 August 2008

Vostok in War

This photo was taken in South Ossetia. It is now known that The Russian Special Forces Brigade dubbed "Vostok" has joined the war. The Russian tank on the right has a graffiti "Chechnya" on the back, focusing on the ethnic composition of the brigade. The soldiers also inscribed "Yamadaevtsy" near the tanks, meaning that they belong to the unit once commanded by the Chechen war-hero Dzhabrail Yamadaev who defected to Russians on the Second Chechen War and led the pro-Russian forces against the separatist Chechens.

Note: Dzabrail Yamadaev was awarded as Hero of the Russian federation by Putin after his assassination.

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Anonymous said...

Am I wrong, or the abandoned vehicle on the left is a Otokar made Cobra AFV?