04 September 2008

How far is Istanbul?

Normally, you can see that kind of signposts in the poles, but we were not surprised to see such a thing in the middle of a soviet beach in Yevpatoria in Crimea, since everybody regrets coming to such kind of an industrial garbage hole and start looking for a way back home...the sign post shows how far one has to go.

990 kilometers to go for Istanbul from Yevpatoria

Update: The signs in Latin:

  • Moscow (Russia) 1600km
  • Smolensk (Russia) 1200km
  • Yalta (Crimea, Ukraine) 160 km
  • Istanbul (Turkey) 990km
  • Lvov (Ukraine) 1300km
  • New York (USA) 12000km
  • Hafia (Israel) 1300km
  • Bahchisaray (Crimea, Ukraine) 70km

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super hero said...

which one is istanbul?