18 September 2008

Luxury Taxis in Moscow

My comrade-in-crime Chris 2Zero has been busy these days testing the limits of decadence in Moscow. His latest find was a Porsche Cayenne taxi with which he and Donald weren't so impressed. Now he was called up for a test ride with a Maybach taxi. Check out his blog. (By the way, a new Maybach costs around $ 450,000...really)

Care for a ride?
Luxury in Labelfucker style

A great German car...but why in this colour?

Chris tells that an hour ride in this taxi (which would take you a couple of meters in downtown traffic during rush hour) costs 9000 Roubles (~$ 367) and added a quick list of what you can afford in Moscow with that sum:

  • 1 round trip ticket from Moscow to Berlin (or Germany)
  • A round of golf at Le Meridiеn Moscow Country Club
  • A dinner for two at Cafe Pushkin (The most expensive café in Moscow)
  • A whore at Nightflight ( A Swedish-owned nightclub infamous with expensive prostitution inside)
  • 3 cheap whores found on the Internet
  • 5 dead cheap whores found around MKAD (Freeway around Moscow)
  • 18 Vodka Red Bulls at MOCT (A pathos night club)
  • 36 Vodka Red Bulls at Solyanka (Our favourite party location)
  • 9-10 cocktails at the O2 Lounge / Ritz Carlton
  • 45 average trips through the city on a fucked up gypsy Lada cab.
  • 30 average trips in a normal cab
  • 473 rides on the metro (or more, if you buy bulk)
  • a 1 week 4 star vacation in Turkey

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