16 October 2008

From Russia with Hate

I have been meeting a lot of new people lately and they are asking why on Earth I moved back from Moscow to Istanbul (As you all know that I am now an Istanbul-based invader and Istanbul is in Turkey...comprende amerikano?)

It is a really hard question to answer...although the main driver was money and the quality of life, both of which are unquestionably higher here in Istanbul due to less smud (semi radioactive snow + sticky mud that covers everything that touches the Moscow streets for months), less stress and less vodka.

About stress, I have seldom mentioned the evident rise of Neo-Nazism in Russia (maybe because I have been receiving enough hate-filled emails then (because I posted enough posts about Lada to infuriate the Podmoskovye Pimps (the guys who use broken down Ladas for mobile brothels around the freeways of Moscow) and didn't ever want to be stabbbed in my smud-filled yard...I know that my corpse would freeze and be hidden under the frozen smud to be discovered next spring and be trashed without any humanly hesitation as an unfortunate tadjik worker who had downed a 2 liter-bottle of Tolstyak beer for dinner and lost his way home).

Here is a documentary about the rise of Neo-Nazism in Russia...let their uncanny hate devour those pathetic beings...by the way, the guys whose insignia (swastika) you are wearing were killing your ancestors, not far away maybe 60 years ago. Your grandfathers are proud of you.


Carpetblogger said...

Seriously Dinc? That's why you left?
That's too bad. Welcome back to Istanbul. If you want to create a post-FSU support/drinking group -- or join one that already exists -- give me a shout.

Carpetblogger (qadkinbakida at yahoo dot com)

Anonymous said...

good decision....I will turn back istanbul when I get the first chance... according to smud thing krasnodor is not beter than moscow and I really missed drinking my morning tea across bosphorus... I even missed traffic jam during rush hours