30 October 2008

The Plan Paline

I have no interest whatsoever in American Elections because I believe that the master plan of US and A will not (and cannot) change with the change in the master of the oval office. The ones who believe that Obama (if he can manage to get elected and stay alive) can rapidly wrap up the distorted American foreign policy and take the invasion forces back home form the dustbowl of Iraq, are terribly mistaken. The MIC (Military Industrial Complex as Eisenhower warned before he stepped down) will not allow it...anyway it is not the point.

The gem of the elections was indisputably Sarah Palin and she keeps on getting airtime on all networks with her style and unlimited lack of knowledge. Some guys got a cool comic of her about her latest clash with Russia...enjoy

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Nevin said...

I absolutely, whole heartedly agree with you! The president's color or sex may change but the Empire is run by the same people. President Elect Obama has very little power to change anything.