25 November 2008

Yugo..or You Go

Interesting...I am now sitting in a cafe in Ankara where I have come with my team for some daily business trip, I have noticed a Yugo on the street...

Introducing the same old commie sh*t

For those who do not share my enthusiasm for machines of communism, Yugo is the signature car produced in Yugoslavia (not the one that exist today as the loose federation of Serbia and Krajina) but the big and glorious one that ceased to exist almost 15 years ago with a ot of bloodshed). The difference with other ones is that Yugoslavia was not a part of Soviet dominated pole of the world bu the non-aligned coalition, so although it was a socialist state, it could market its products (including Yugo's) in Western markets and earn substantial revenues to keep the living standards much higher than its communist cousins in the Eastern Europe.

Yugo is no better than Lada but seems to have a soul of its own. Someday a working Yugo will be an addition to my soviet car fleet...

Pimp my You-Go

..ah and I have to remind you that last weekend it was the memorial day for Holodomor. Check back what I have written about one of the worst man-made disaster in the history. No wonder why the city was decorated with many banners that inscribed "Ukraine Remembers...and THE WORLD KNOWS"

...do you really know?

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Anonymous said...

Dinc, tell us more about your soviet fleet :)