02 February 2009

Hundred Years' War

Just another episode of the Arab-Israeli War Series ended with almost nothing...This time, too, died a lot of innocent people (mostly Arabs, as expected) where the Hamas chieftains cheered as they mobilised the masses of half-naked children to the no man's land and fired rockets to Israeli backyards from UN hospitals or schools in Gaza, just to make them targets for the bombings to stab Israeli PR.

Here are some suggestions for the people of the Middle East from Turkish Invasion.

Arabs, for God's sake accept that there is no feasible possibility to reclaim your lost lands to Israel. Come to terms with Israelis and share the country before you lose your existing one, for good.

Israelis, find a better PR agency of smarter weapons to blast the real terrorists.

Turkey, stay out of what has not been your sphere of inluence for almost a century, before you become someone else's...and someone please put Diplomacy back into PM's "Government for Dummies" guidebook.

And here is the best summary about the level of intelligence of the enemy that Israeli's have:

Death to all Juice: Start with Apple Juice and then kill all Oranges


Burcu said...

"Death to all Juice: Start with Apple Juice and then kill all Oranges"

:)Why are you having fun with the man? It's ok even he made a mistake we can understand what he really means.

Dinc Arslan said...

Because it is plain funny :) He didn't even care about how it is spelled...

Internation Musing said...

Dear Dinc,
Forgot to mention that I created a link to your site. It's a witty and smart article, that's the reason why. And the picture: they guy looks like a moron..))
See y soon!

Lazynative said...

I can't disagree with most of your sentiments but I think you misrepresent some of the facts here.

The ceasefire was broken by the Israelis not by Hamas and during the 4 months it lasted last year, Hamas didn't fire a single rocket into Israel - and no Israelis were killed by Hamas rockets, in fact the only Israeli injured by rocketfire was an Israeli settler who was firing a homemade rocket at Palestinian farmers but which misfired.

I really don't think Hamas deliberately fires rockets next to schools etc. just to get Israelis to bomb them for good PR; this is really simplistic; it is urban warfare and you fight wherever you have cover. Israel has already been caught lying about rocket fire coming from UN installations several times. What Israel is doing is targeting the infrastructure of the Gaza strip, which means hospitals, schools etc.

I agree that the Palestinians need to come to a settlement but your post makes one huge assumption that is not borne out by the facts and this is that Israeli policymakers are willing to cede control of the West Bank. Everything Israeli state policy has done over the last few decades has indicated that they are completely unwilling to do this.

Great blog by the way, enjoy reading it a lot!

Dinc Arslan said...

Thanks for the comment and the inspiration Lazynative...

olivinlove said...

Hi Dinç,

Nice writing but in my opinion there won't be a peace in Palestine without Hamas. About the photo, I know some morons who cannot spell something easy from the country they live for many many years. (If I made a fault sorry, because english my second language)

Anonymous said...

man your way of humour is priceless (for a Turkish dude)

keep on marching my friend

bath mateus said...

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Augis said...

Hi, I came to your site because it has many references to Russia.

However, when I realized that you are from Turkey I became curious whether you have written any article on Israel.

So I landed on this post.

And - wow! All I can say - congratulations!

When talking about such "hot" topic as Israeli-Arab conflict it's hard not to take sides.

I really don't know what Arabs would say about your post, but I - being a Jewish want to praise you for being objective. In my opinion, at least.