18 May 2009

What is to come?

Although my presence in post-soviet union has increased this month, it has equally decreased the amount I spare for my extra-curricular activities like blogging and I have accumulated loads of things to write here...especially about Belarus. Oh, my twitter acount also needs some "twitting"...

So I kindly beg for some patience and you can commemorate the Crimean Tatar Deportation (which happened 65 years ago today) by this article.

Another interesting fact is that I will be stepping on a non-Soviet country in years (except a short break to Berlin this year). I am not sure about any relevant collections from my trip to London this week but you never know. I meet some unique Russian-speakers everywhere...and believe me, each and everyone of them has a story to tell here.

Note: I would like to thank Valentina, Yura, George and Helen for their invaluable feedback and comments. Your interest keeps this project running for 2 years...

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