03 August 2009

Where is Dinc?

You may think that I have been either shot in the back by Latvian LADA enthusiasts or boiling myself up with excess raidoactivity near Chernobyl (which will soon happen in two months time), but on the contrary I have been busy with work, travel and a week long holiday with family. I am planning to post an invasion guide to Minsk, which happened to be a page blanche for our business and some more stories from Ukraine this week; but it seems that I will also be fully booked with a trip to Kiev and the first step back to the lovely days of being a student, TOEFL exam... (FYI: I will be ,hopefully , an MBA student in Bosphorus University this year...I know, it will be painful) Why do I need a TOEFL anyway?

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Internation Musing said...

and..did you pass your exam?.:)