07 November 2009

Coming soon on Axis of Evil Roadshow

Don't be surprised...I have been to The Arab Republic of Syria a while ago (we came from The Turkish Republic of Turkey). Hopefully not for business (fingers crossed for a North African country that I may visit soon for work) but leisure* with a couple of good friends to expolit the latest non-visa agreement between Turkey ans Syria (to remind the irony that Turkey had a Casus Belli against Syria roughly a decade ago and now we discover that we are buddies again.) I am not not a buddy to any Syrian and after my visit, I will not be in the near future (until they reach Europen Medieval levels of civilization)

The Axis of Evil Roadshow continues with Syria..invasion report coming soon...

Meet Team K.i.r.w.e
Field Commander Dinc Arslan and Saim Refig (King Refigius IV and inventor of Refi-Yoga)
Photo taken in Aleppo Citadel, Syria (somewhere near Iraq)

Turkish Invasion Blog is proud to be the web sponsor of Axis of Evil Roadshow by Dinc Arslan and Saim Refig (Team K.i.r.w.e), with the unshakeable determinism to visit all enemy (of USA) states aka Axis of Evil. Belarus and Syria already visited...next Cuba, Iran and North Korea (Iraq is delisted because it is a de facto American colony now, see the cartoon below)...and hopefully Afghanistan if the Team K.i.r.w.e loses their remaining sanity and will to live.

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