29 March 2010

Bombing the Metro

By a strange twist of fate, while guiding my colleagues around the not-so-crowded metro last week, I had to think for a while to describe the crowd that gathers underground during the rush hour...

I think someone else was also thinking about the same things; but with more evil deeds. This morning two bombs blasted in two central (and equally crowded) metro stations (lyubyanka and Park Kultury) in Moscow. The result (although not clear yet at the time of writing) is an undeniable carnage.

My condolences...
Note: Lyubyanka metro station is near/under the notorious KGB building...that makes me wonder. And Park Kultury station boats the longest escalator ever (which makes you think you are in a coal mine in Kuzbass), so escape from the blast would be a hard job.

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