04 October 2011

New Job..again?

2011 is a year of changes and the status-quo changed twice for me both business and extra-business matters....and all for good!!!

You are right, as the title suggests, I have a new job now for a couple of weeks. Everything is fine but don't expect anything fresh from Russia or the other failed slavic countries that I spent so many fruitless years of the most fruitful times of my life. Why? Because I have no intention or plan to go there..at least, on business :) I will keep this blog alive by feeding your hunger by a couple of stuff from my archives or my comments on anything that would happen. But you know that nothing will change in Russia, because they have wasted their token of revolution and used it unwisely (just like the French).

So this is not a farewell..by the way, I have said three farewells in this blog so far and this will surely not be the last....

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