21 June 2006

Is Moscow safe?

I cannot say that Moscow IS a real safe place but (thanx God) nothing happened since I came. Not counting the several times I paid (bribed) the corrupt policemen on the streets. SO here are the latest statistics published by the Moscow Police. Compare with your own neighborhood:

City Crime Statistics*

June 13 -- June 19

Murder 10

Assault 15

Robbery 212

Rape 1

Theft (total) 691

Apartment burglaries 157

Fraud 73

Car theft 20

For the Record

Car accidents 206

a) killed 15

b) injured 223

Suicides 24

Missing persons 37

Bodies discovered 65

*City police said that due to technical problems, statistics were missing for June 16 and June 19. (I THINK THIS MEANS THAT THEY HAVE LOST THE ONLY "EXCEL" CAPABLE PERSONNEL TO A PRIVATE COMPANY) :)

Source: Moscow police

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