20 June 2006

A market economy Russian Style

The Europeans call it Market Economy and Democracy; but i call it a crime against humanity. Just the same as they did to us in Turkey.

Russian was communally owned by its 150 million population for seventy years. Today 11 individuals own 70% of Russia and are aided and abetted by 1 million "colleagues." Together they own Russia and the $350 billion on deposit in Western bank accounts which they have embezzled from the Russian people and exported. The remaining 149 million were excluded from the division of the communal property. In fact their savings were extinguished by inflating the ruble from 40 in 1990 to 6000 in 1998 and their income was reduced by 50% in order to finance 1 million visa cards for those who now own Russia. Less then four years ago there were only 25,000 card-holders in Russia. In 1997 annual card-holder expenditure in Russia exceeded $1 billion a 94% increase over 1996. Even large purchases such as major appliances and automobiles are made in cash. Meanwhile life expectancy of the disenfranchised has dropped to 57 years.

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