26 October 2006

Countdown to birthday and Music for October

Now 4 days to my birthday, I have no idea about the party. Actually, I always hated the birthday parties; It all started with cakes, chips, friends and their moms and came out to be cakes, chics, friends and their girlfriends...

Now that I am faraway from all my old habits (except undersleeping and overworking), I can celebrate my birthday (...and why do we celebrate it after all? I think nobody except my parents liked my presence on earth so far) in an unknown city in Russia. Keep up for my invasion report about that unknown city (and don't panic; I am not going to Chernobyl, yet -it is another story-)

Possible celebration list:

  • Endurance Drinking in Tinkoff (...nothing new)
  • Cake War in the nearest Schokoladnitsa
  • Sushi Mayhem in Planet Sushi(...yeah, but the rolls are cheaper)
  • A trip to a Male Strip Club (not for the chippendales; but to see the girls go drunk and crazy)
  • A couple of vodka shots near the Red Square with a random Georgian taxi driver
  • Reading my new 4-page story book about Pushkin in Russian
  • Dying hard on the treadmill in Planeta Fitness

...and a wish list for those who can never decide:

  • A ride with a Mig-25 (Buy it and be my best friend ever. Because it costs around $8,000 at Zhukovsky Air Base)
  • VIP card to Slava (Marshal Gogus has it and not interested in sharing with me)
  • A protective cover for my wasted IPod
  • A TV (just assembled in this decade is enough)
  • Visa to Belarus

Let's see what my friends are up to in my birthday. I think it will be a sensation if I stay in Moscow this weekend.

Music for October

This month's music list is just about a song that I have been dying to find the title. It has been on the playlists of Fabrique and Propaganda throughout this month. It is the latest single from Coco Electrik "The Sex Shooter". Check it in here.

Note: I also found out that it is a remix of Apollonia 6's song with the same name.

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