27 October 2006

Millionaire Fair 2006

I think the new-russians have reached new heights in their decadence. Just check out what they are doing this weekend:

For the second year in a row, the Millionaire Fair is coming to the heart of Moscow's golden autumn. The Millionaire Fair is a leading trade fair of luxury class goods and services. From October 27 - 30, 2006, visitors to the Crocus Expo Exhibition Centre will be able to see (and buy if they can!) the best the international luxury industry has to offer.

Keeping it real!

The Millionaire Fair is based on the idea of bringing together the best goods and services the international luxury industry has to offer with those for whom the acquisition of antiques, private airplanes and yachts, exclusive jewelry, real estate, cars and exclusive racing horses has become the norm. The geography of the Millionaire Fair is constantly expanding, showing just how successful this grandiose project has been. This year Millionaire Fair takes place in Amsterdam, Cannes, Kortrijk (what?), Moscow, and Shanghai.
  • Among participants BMW, whose famous brand has already been announced as the fair's official car for this year. BMW will be presenting the new models of its 7 series and its Super Car M6. Besides, Visitors will be able to appreciate the quality of distinguished automobile brands such as Bugatti, Jaguar, Audi, Hummer, Cadillac, Volvo, Infinity.

  • The leading luxury boat distributor Timmerman Yachts is bringing its yachts to the Millionaire Fair, mooring them on the Moskva river near the Crocus Expo Centre for the fair's duration.

  • Premier cosmetic manufacturers see the Millionaire Fair as an ideal platform for presenting their most exclusive beauty products. The sensation of the fair will be exclusive perfume from Guerlain. Guerlain and Yves Gijrath, establisher of the Millionaire Fair, create this special perfume. This is single super perfume will cost for the customer 35,000 Euros.

  • For the first time in Moscow, luxury cell phone collection from GoldVish. Among the leading jewels in personal communication are The GoldVish Illusion, 'Plato? and ?Le Million?, of which there are only two pieces left worldwide, as one has already been sold. Aiming for the highest standards in design and quality, GoldVish uses only 18-carat solid golden casings, VVS1-clarity diamonds and the latest in mobile technology.

  • The fair will be all the more beautiful with its display of Akhal-Teke racehorses. The Akhal-Teke is thought to be one of the oldest surviving breeds, world famous for its outstanding beauty, endurance, and loyalty. The cost of a pureblooded Akhal-Teke with good athletic quality and an ideal exterior can reach up to one million dollars.

Anyone who visited the exhibition last year was able to appreciate one of the Millionaire Fair's distinctive features; it is not only a place for buying and selling, a huge expensive supermarket like Harrods in London, but something of a Disneyland for adults. This is why the creation of a qualitative entertainment program is a top priority.

I would buy that if I had some more space in my garage. Maybe next year...

The Gala-opening become a most estimate life-style event this year. Life-style event is impossible without Martini, that's why Martini is the official spirit of Millionaire Fair. This year, the organizers of the Millionaire Fair with ROSBANK are bringing an international star to the Gala-opening, Sarah Brightman. Her concerts always attract people, who found of perfect music and her splendid voice. "For the second year ROSBANK became the general partner of the Millionaire Fair. I suppose that charming voice of Sara will be the symbol of Millionaire Fair 2006" - noted Oksana Lifar, vice-president of ROSBANK. Also guests will see air show, concert of jazzy group The Many Moods of Linard, horse show, and DJ from club First. For the Gala-opening confectioners of Saint-Petersburg restaurant "Palkin" will create from chocolate copies of world-famous master-pieces like, Mona Liza Da Vinci.

The girls' best friend...indeed

Moscow's Millionaire Fair will be the main event of the year, so that it is simply impossible not to visit it! The Moscow Millionaire Fair 2006 has many surprises in store for its guests.

Decadence at its best: Diamonds, Rich Grandmas, Caviar and a Maybach

...So see you there at Crocus Expo this weekend! (It costs just 30 Euros for entrance...C'mon! It is just what one of my cheap cigars costs)

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